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A Gorgeous Beach Engagement Session

I still find it a delightful twist of fate when the universe conspires to bring two unique souls together. Today, I am sharing the endearing love story of Marco and Pazely, and believe me when I say it's one for the books!

It feels surreal that it's been four years since these two lovebirds had their first rendezvous in, of all places, an Ikea. Who would have thought that picking out Swedish furniture would be the beginning of a lifetime together? Marco, with his deep Austrian roots, and Pazely, a vibrant Michigan native, and their hearts found a rhythm in unison.

Fast-forward to our engagement session. We began in the tranquil settings of the sunlit green bike trail, nestled in the woods. The serenity was occasionally interrupted by the buzzing mosquitoes, but it did little to diminish the evident glow that radiated from the couple. Marco's constellation tie and Pazely's starry dress gave a hint of their wedding theme, emphasizing their shared love for the sun, moon, and stars. As we progressed from the woods to the beach, the setting sun painted the horizon in a symphony of hues, providing the perfect backdrop for Marco and Pazely’s story.

What made our session even more special was the depth of conversations shared. From future plans to catching up on old times, and discussing everything in between – family, aspirations, and wedding details. The celestial theme they've chosen for their wedding resonates so much with their love story. It’s beautiful, timeless, and expansive.

The excitement is palpable as we anticipate their 2025 wedding. From a first date amidst flat-pack furniture to vows under the canopy of stars, Marco and Pazely's journey is nothing short of magical. We're truly honored to capture these moments for them, and honestly, we can’t WAIT for the wedding day!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of my favorite moments from our engagement session below. Here's to Marco and Pazely, two stars whose paths crossed to create an unforgettable constellation of love!

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