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A Gorgeous Farm Wedding


Jen and Kris's enchanting wedding day unfolded on the picturesque landscape of Marker Farms, nestled in the heart of Elmira, Michigan. This was not just any ordinary wedding I was photographing; it was one of my dearest friends from college, Jen, tying the knot with her charming beau, Kris, who hails from England. As someone who has shared countless moments of joy and laughter with Jen, capturing this magical chapter in her life was an exceptionally heartfelt experience for me.

Their love story is no less than a fairy tale, meeting in the far-off lands of England, and I could see the harmony of their diverse backgrounds reflected in their wedding. The venue, a quaint farm warehouse, came alive with wildflowers, lovingly arranged by the bride herself. From the hand-painted mailbox echoing the theme of the Disney movie "Up" to a photo prop table brimming with Harry Potter paraphernalia and mementos from England and America, each detail was imbued with a touch of whimsy and nostalgia that encapsulated the couple's shared passions.

The ceremony took place in the resplendent Michigan sunshine, with beloved family and the vast green fields as their witness. As a photographer, it was the ideal canvas to capture an array of emotions - from the radiant smiles of the couple, the joyful laughter of their friends and family, to the soft, shared glances that spoke volumes of their love.

As the day turned to dusk, the sky painted with hues of orange, we ventured into the wheat fields for an intimate photo session. The twilight seemed to echo the warmth and romance between Jen and Kris. These images, resplendent with the golden wheat and the last light of the setting sun, are some of my favorites from the day.

Kris and Jen's wedding wasn't just an event; it was a joyful gathering of loved ones, a fusion of cultures, and an enchanting narrative of love unfolding. Just like the couple, their wedding was fun, full of laughter, and sprinkled with hints of their favorite things - Disney, Harry Potter, and a dash of Jurassic spirit! (More on this later!)

As you browse through these images, you'll see not just a wedding, but a testament to their journey of love. From meeting in England, and falling in love, to saying 'I do' on a sun-kissed Michigan farm, their story is as magical as the fairy tales they adore. Capturing these moments was not just an honor; it was a heartwarming reunion with a cherished friend and an adventure into their world of love. Enjoy!